Our firm was founded in 1998 and serving at textile sector dealing with dyeing machines and technical supporting area. Although the foundation of our firm is new, our founder Mr. Ali YILDIZOĞLU has a 20 years experince about production of textile machines and with our experinced workers in this area caused us to take place among best companies in this area. 2000 m2  covered area, totaly activiting at a 10.000 m2  area. With 45 employers 70 machines production is aimed in a years.

Our firms, which are performing activity in the textile sector, will have a chance as long as they are ready to implement the last and the newest technological developments in order to compete with other firms, provided that productions cause less price and more qualified than the other firms in internal and external bazaars in the world.

When the firms are not able to have time for following technological developments, which made fast against time, may cause firms at a risk to lose their internal and external bazaars or may leave at a disadvantaged position.
Besides, firms following new developments and developing themselves at internal and external bazaars are mostly preffered instead that firms keeping usually same quality in their productions .

Our firm’s aim is to produce the best ones by following new developments and investments at textile sector.