The company which is firstly established in the year of 1991 with the title name of Has Dış Ticaret, provided an enduring development by making investments to the technology in every year and took the name of HAS GROUP in the year of 2011.
HAS GROUP which has a position of having a voice in producing of textile finishing machineries, is producing textile finishing machineries which are specially developed for every needs, for knitted, woven, denim, home textile, technical textile and carpets. 
HAS GROUP is producing machines with the features of low maintenance cost and energy saving by its customer focused and keeping up with technology structure. Preparing designs in line with the needs and producing them by planning with its technological knowledge and experience upon the demands of its customers is its mission. 
The features of the differences between HAS GROUP and its competitors are; having a product range that is designed, improved, produced and assembled in Turkey, having a long term experience on the processes of finishing, the ability of understanding correctly and covering the needs of each customer from east to west.
Making technological investments to produce the machines of the future continuously, developing R & D department to develop products with high added value, understanding its customers and performing the right services by identifying the needs of its customers, being a global company that works with its customers like a business partner is the vision of HAS GROUP.
HAS GROUP which has working machines over 60 countries, which is also represented in more than 30 countries by local agents in terms of services in sales and after sale, is proceed on its way crescively day by day in domestic and foreign markets.