Eliar Elektronik San A.Ş. was founded in 1984 in Istanbul.

Eliar’s history reflects its broad capabilities in and focus on research and development. Eliar’s R&D efforts have contributed to many industries including but not limited to Textiles, Glass, Insulation, Ceramics and Chemicals in form of many innovative devices, systems and software solutions. It has been a close partner to many industries and has led them through their journey toward automation.

Eliar’s industrial automation operations have commenced in 1984 mainly to cater to glass manufacturers. Eliar currently services both local and international markets via its weighing and dosing solutions specifically designed and developed for glass (float, container, tableware, fiber, sodium silicate), construction chemicals, insulation and ceramics sectors.In the late 80’s, Eliar began servicing the textile industry by developing fabric and yarn dying process control devices. The advanced batch control devices that Eliar has designed and developed for automation of textile dying machines are being used locally in Turkey and abroad since 1989.

Eliar has begun focusing in on the field of Mechatronics in 1996, and has continued this focus since then. It has produced advanced liquid / powder chemical weighing / measurement and distribution systems, dying process control devices that are integrated to these systems, as well as systems that allow fully automated control and recording of end-to-end dying processes. Eliar has developed central tracking, planning and reporting software that have made it possible to build systems that are integrated from the dying machine level up to management information level.Today, devices and systems that have been designed, and developed by Eliar, are being operated successfully in many countries across Asia, Europe, Central and South America, Middle-East and Africa.