Research & Development

New product design and development is more often than not a crucial factor in the survival of a company. In an industry that is changing fast, firms must continually revise their design and range of products. This is necessary due to continuous technology change and development as well as other competitors and the changing preference of customers. Without an R&D program, a firm must rely on strategic alliances, acquisitions, and networks to tap into the innovations of others.


EFFE Endustri Otomasyon A.S. provides innovative and sustainable solutions in textile industry for enterprises that have wide range of manufacturing activities from spinning to garment in order to get them provide high value added goods and services in competitive market conditions and minimize their manufacturing cost. Thanks to its state of art and user friendly solutions for end user customers domestic and foreign machinery manufacturers and its experience in machine manufacturing, EFFE Endustri Otomasyon A.S., has become one of Turkey’s and the World’s leading machine and machine accessories manufacturer in short time. While units and equipment manufactured by EFFE can be used as individual solutions, the equipments can also be used as improvement, development and modification applications on various machines. Especially, thanks to Stenter, Drying, Compacting and Printing machine modification applications, an increase in production and quality is achieved while reducing energy costs.

EFFE Endustri Otomasyon A.S. has the vision of designing, developing and manufacturing industrial machinery and equipment which has not been designed or manufactured before in Turkey or in the World that might be needed by customers and other machinery manufacturers. EFFE implements various projects to lift the machinery technology in Turkey to the highest level possible by carrying out R&D projects with machinery and equipment manufacturers in di_erent industries and end users of these machines and with contributions of various multinational companies. As of April 2016, EFFE Endustri Otomasyon A.S. continues its activities in its new and modern manufacturing plant with high technological investments in order to produce new R&D projects, improve the product and service quality that it provides to its customers with di_erent machine designs and a wide range of products and is on its way to become one the leaders in the market.


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Chemical Department

Have a responsibility to set high standards by full support and encouragement of local manufacture to use high quality product and try to find the needs of market by providing the products in accordance to latest national standards for fulfillment of customer's needs inside and outside of IRAN. Kohantaj Co. is much more than just a distributor of chemicals. In addition to distribution, we offer a range of services based on our wealth of experience. With our services, we ensure the entire supply chain in the chemical industry.

Machinary Department

The standards set by Kohantaj Co. in the field of machinery not only related to equipment quality, but also to the storage and delivery on time to the customers.

Automation Services

  • Conducting our business with our consultants and technical team.
  • Decreasing and management of finished costs in production line by using optimum materials.
  • Navigation and control of installed project performed in all departments by documentation of organized process according to the form of process charts.
  • We offer our customers and suppliers the option of cooperating with us via the common electronic network.

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